Cloud 9

“You can do it, buddy!” Said daddy droplet


“I remember my first time!”


I’m ready, I can do this. No matter how much I tell myself this, I’m still nervous. It’s my first time raining. Oh! I should probably tell you what I’m doing. Right now, I am waiting in line to get registered as an official water droplet and about to take part in my first rain. Once I get my license I will jump out of our cloud, Cloud #9, and complete my first water cycle. I’ve been told that we are about to jump over Canada.


Dad and Mom say that they don’t know how long it will be until I get back. Dad says his friend Bob jumped with him on his first time and he’s still down there, it’s been 3000 years. “New jumpers, please report to cloud nine Briefing room for a final assessment.” I hear come over the P.A. system.


“You can do this buddy,” says daddy droplet.


“We’ll see you again soon. We love you, our little drip-drop” confirms mommy droplet as I walk off towards the briefing room.


The door to the briefing room was very heavy and opened with a clang. I found the closest empty desk and sat down, nervous. Another droplet sat beside me. She was beautiful. She was so clear! She was so different compared to the other droplets that had all the water pox, that was slang for water acne. We get a whole talk about in grade 9! I hate it! Just in the middle of my thought, the door to the briefing room slammed open and a big, old, rough droplet walked in.


“Okay Little pigs, you ready for your briefing?” He yelled, everyone, stayed silent “well, what a talkative crowd we’ve got here!”


He walked up to the chalkboard and grabbed the pointer. The chalkboard already had a diagram of the water cycle on it.


“Great! So, first off you little pigs, you see this platform?” He said pointing to the line that said “start” on the diagram. “This is where you jump from!” he didn’t seem happy “you will be nervous, but I’ve don’t this a million times. You get used to it!” By now he was looking at us with a dead serious face.  “It all starts with the jump. You will jump off of platform #22. Once you are in the air you are out of control. This isn’t bad. You let the wind take you where it chooses.” He seemed to all the sudden be in a better mood. “Once you hit the ground, a few things could happen. One, You will land in the ocean where you will, unfortunately, have to just wait and eventually you will be evaporated. This could take anywhere from 1 day to 3000 years. You will be sucked up into the sky as condensation and eventually condensed into a cloud where you will then take our cloud tram to get back to cloud nine.”


All the other droplets looked bored now. We have heard this talk many times now.


“If you land on the ground, You will either, act as run-off, off a mountain or hill, into a river which will run into the ocean. You could also be sucked into the ground and go into an aquifer and that could be your waiting spot for the next hundred of years or so. If you sink into the ground, you could also be sucked up by some kind of plant after that you will be transpirated.” he seemed to calm down a bit now.


“Now, I know I’ve talked a lot, so, I want you to make your way out the door to platform #22 and you will hear further instructions.”


As everyone walked out of the door There was no talking. You could tell by just the tension that everyone was nervous. Dad told me that I need to rain a minimum of three times before they will let me retire. He said that could be anywhere from 1 year to 1 million. We rounded the corner of the outside of the briefing room and saw platform #22. It was a blue platform with numbers 1 through 100 labeled in little circles on neat rows across the platform. We filed into a line as a guy handed little yellow slips with our assigned number. He gave me 22 and I walked to it.


When we all got to our spots the loudspeaker came on.


“In 5 seconds the platforms beneath you feet will open up and you will commence you raining.  



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