Did you know, before all the modern T.V. shows, people old stories to pass the time? Yeah, me neither. Well, anyways, I thought I’d bring back the old times and revitalize the old ways, and what better way to do it than through stories. The one thing in human history that we didn’t ruin. I’m just joking, we only ruined it a little.

These days, I look around and see all the teenagers, in their fancy clothes, texting people as they wait for the school bus, or sitting at a table. We used to not be like that. I’m not saying technology is bad, without it, you wouldn’t be here reading all my amazing stories.

I’m too modest!

I am not going to put myself on a schedule to post a new blog every week because that would be like forcing Picasso to write the best story that ever walked planet earth in one week. Picasso doesn’t write, and not to mention, stories don’t even walk! I am simply going to get writing whenever I come across new knowledge, which is quite often. So stay tuned, and read on!